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Each year our investment team reviews hundreds of potential opportunities—only a few ultimately become a portfolio property.  As permanent investors, we believe that we can always find "value creation" opportunities, regardless of market conditions.  Our belief is, “the more rocks we turn over, the more likely we will find opportunities that meet our investment thesis.” 


Over the years, Empirical has developed long standing relationships with capital partners, lenders, and financial intermediaries.  Whether an individual property or a large geographically dispersed portfolio, we have the ability to close deals quickly.

Hotel Acquisition Targets  

Since we are opportunistic investors, we have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.  We look at each opportunity on a deal-by-deal and market-by-market basis, from the bottom up.  We are constantly on the look out for acquisition targets in all of the major industry segments and markets including:

  • Limited service hotels

  • Select service hotels

  • Full service hotels

  • Extended stay hotels

  • Resort hotels

  • Top tier markets

  • Tertiary markets

  • Secondary resort markets

  • City center/urban locations

  • Suburban locations

  • Airport locations

  • Highway locations

Hotel Due Diligence

Extremely thorough due diligence is a hallmark of Empirical.  Our investment process starts from the bottom up.  We rigorously analyze each hotel acquisition target by focusing on the following primary areas of opportunity and risk:

  • Physical plant

  • Location

  • Customer base

  • Ability to improve/control costs

  • Planned renovation

  • Revenue enhancement opportunity

  • Repositioning & re-branding opportunity

  • Competitors

  • Market demand generators

  • New supply risk

  • Regional economic drivers

  • Exit strategy


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